Tom Hardy in Every Full-Frontal Nude Scene He’s Ever Done [NSFW]

Some movie roles require actors to bare it all in front of the camera. A few roles require actors to show even more, and thankfully Tom Hardy isn’t shy about doing full-frontal nudity.

A couple of years ago, the intrepid actor was caught totally naked shooting the TV miniseries, Taboo, which incorporated Tom’s character leaping out of a boat in the buff and skinny-dipping in a freezing lake. We’re sure that scene was somehow vital to the narrative. That wasn’t the first time that Tom Hardy has shown some skin for a movie role. The man has never let a pair of pants get in the way of his best performances. You ready?

Tom Hardy



 Tom Hardy Nude Photos
Tom Hardy Nude Photos

Tom Hardy Nude PhotosTom Hardy Nude PhotosTom Hardy Nude Photos

Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother

 Tom Hardy Nude Photos
Tom Hardy Nude Photos

Tom Hardy Nude Photos

 Tom Hardy Nude Photos
Tom Hardy Nude Photos

Tom Hardy Nude Photos


Tom Hardy Nude Photos

Stuart: A Life Backwards

Oscar Raymundo
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Comments (20):

  • I would like to see a better looking penis in films and more of them or for them to stop with the female actors nudity.

  • That penis is absolutely beautiful! Wtf is wrong with you?

  • that was a small ugly penis

  • You don’t know what a penis is *actually* supposed to look like if you think that’s an ugly penis. You’re probably used to mutilated ones.

  • Thats a normal penis, the way it suppose to look. If you think its not normal go read up the way the penis is suppose to look like and you see god created men with a foreskin

  • I would love to have some of that or rather all of that any day.

  • stop being mean about his willy! it’s beautiful

  • I have no problem with them showing penis I just wish they ever show a vulva and crossed legs in the dark with fake hair (merkin) does not count

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  • Ide love that sexy much lol

  • Kathi Piccirilli

    That is a beautiful penis belonging to a beautiful man. Please…don’t let your jealousy show.

  • She’s jealous because she doesn’t have one

  • I am a woman and i can say that this is very wiers small dick he has got there.

  • Come on, Anna, you have no idea what size his dick is. That is a normal size flaccid (which means soft in case you don’t know) penis. It looks to be around 4 inches which means it will probably be around 6 – 7 inches when erect (hard) but could be a little larger. And that is average to slightly larger than average. So get a grip (pun intended) and quit criticizing something you know nothing about. After all, anything over 7 inches is essentially a waste on women because a woman’s vagina is typically only about 4 – 5 inches.

  • Well he obviously isn’t shy showing it off as prob knows it’s worthyness at its full potential !And there’s millions off women out there wanting some of its action… so am sure your negative views are of little value…
    I know I wouldnt mind …
    On aonther point…hes a credible actor right???

  • That’s a purt penis I’d def take it for a spin. Its all how you use it too. You could have a 12 inch cock and if you don’t know how to use it, you may as well have a limp noodle. Stop hating

  • Maybe those above haters have dicks on their foreheads Traci that the balls are hanging infront of their eyes blinding them if his manliness…. just saying

  • Let them hate… more for the rest of us.

  • It’s a Penis (cock) not a teddy bear grow up people that’s the real world instead of the porn guys you see they come in all shapes and sizes that’s what his has and he’s fine with it so don’t hate just enjoy the view at least he has the guts and will do a full frontal scene not like some of the mainstream actors that are to wimpy to do it look at Richard Gere nude scene in American giggalo or Harvey k in the piano those are the same Tom hardy will win an Oscar soon one day and because good at his craft

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