Spider-Man PS4: How to Take a Selfie with the Pride Flag

Just days after Marvel’s Spider-Man was released for the Playstation 4, and already Spidey has swung his way into our collective queer hearts. 

Fans of the game quickly discovered a plethora of rainbow flags symbolizing LGBTQ Pride hanging all over Greenwich. Inspiring and appropriate, since that’s where the real-life Stonewall is located, marking it as one of the birthplaces of the heroic LGBTQ movement.


The presence of Pride flags is only made even sweeter by the fact that Marvel’s Spider-Man includes a photo mode. And in this Spidey-verse, selfies are all the rage. Here’s how and where to take the best selfie with a Pride flag and rainbow mural. 

Find the Pride flag and rainbow mural

Pride flags can be spotted all over Spider-Man’s Manhattan, but primarily in the Greenwich district. One of the most scenic spots in this area has a flag next to a giant rainbow mural, which makes for an extra-colorful background for your Pride selfies.

Want to get to it right away without searching around? Check out the map below for the exact location.

Choose your look and position

Once you get to the mural, you can press R2 against the wall to crawl your way up to it. And if you look towards the flag pole, you can press the circle to zip to the top of the pole. 

Another option is to use the stalled traffic on that street for an additional vantage point. Get on top of a car, or a van preferably, to get a different angle. Now just choose your favorite Spidey suit and get ready to take a selfie.

Turn on photo mode

To go into the game’s photo mode, press Options. Then scroll down and press Photo Mode. Now just make sure you switch to Selfie mode. That will turn the camera around on Spider-Man, who will pose with the peace sign. ✌️ 

From here, you can move the camera around and choose different filters. Make it your own! Just don’t forget to press the triangle and hide the UI so it doesn’t show up in your photo.

Snap away and save your faves

To take the selfie, press Share. You can save your selfie as a screenshot by pressing the triangle. You can then post them directly to social media if you have those accounts connected. Or you can also go into your Image Gallery and copy all your screenshot selfies to a USB drive.

And that’s it. Consider the Pride selfie unofficial challenge complete.

Oscar Raymundo
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