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I wrote almost 100 articles covering the fascinating intersection of music and technology right as Spotify launched in the U.S. and Britney Spears joined Instagram. Link:

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Oscar Raymundo
2011 - 2013

24 Hours on the Road with The Flaming Lips

Next show. No sleep. The trippiest 24 hours of my life.

I was invited by MTV to join The Flaming Lips and interview Wayne Coyne in a whirlwind tour that broke the world record for most live shows in 24 hours. 

Flaming Lips Break Jay-Z’s Record for Most Shows in 24 Hours [Link]

Wayne Coyne Interview: “GarageBand Is Punk Rock” [Link]

I spoke to Lady Gaga’s business partner about how the tech-savvy superstar paved the way for how artists leverage social media to build community.

The Man Behind Lady Gaga's Social Presence

Or how to turn your superfans into Little Monsters.

Discovering the Next Big Thing with Will.I.Am

“You’re so 2000-and-late.”

I was the only journalist to be granted access to the artist, investor, and pop futurist at the Creators Project where we talked about the future of music.

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