What happened when I became a Lady Gaga fan

Close enough to feel the heat.

One day I woke up and decided—you know what?—I think I’m a Lady Gaga fan now. And honestly I’ve been a happier, better person ever since. ⁣⁣
I learned to cook. ⁣⁣

I learned to ski. ⁣⁣

I started a savings account. ⁣⁣

I’m meditating.⁣⁣

I’m quick to learn little foreign phrases when I travel, and l love seeing the bartender’s face when I tell her quite convincingly, I would like another glass of Riesling please. “Noch ein Riesling bitte,” if you’re wondering. As Gaga sings, I don’t speak German, but I can if you like. ⁣⁣
Things that once seemed impossible have become inked items I can cross off a list. That’s what happens when you choose to be a lover, not a fighter. A true believer, not a doubter. ⁣⁣
When I decided I was a Lady Gaga fan, my life became like one of her songs. Not a sad one, but still a classic.

Lady Gaga’s Enigma residency in Las Vegas, June 2019


Oscar Raymundo
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