King Princess’ ‘Hit the Back’ Just Makes Us Want to Dance


Have you ever been obsessed with a song to the point that you end up spending an entire day locked in a hotel room learning the choreography to it?⁣ No? Cool. ✨⁣
In an interview, King Princess said that her and her friend had choreographed a routine to ‘Hit the Back’ and that she wanted people to learn it for her live shows.⁣ So I figured, if I’m playing the song over and over and over again on repeat, might as well rehearse. 🕺🏻

In that same interview, Zane Lowe made the comment that “ultimately we are all to a degree searching for a healthy sense of make-believe.”⁣ Well… I agree. 😏⁣

I think it turned out pretty good, especially considering I sprained my ankle the night before dropping it like it’s hot to ‘Hot Girl Summer.’⁣ ⁣My body may be breaking but my spirit is thriving. 🙌🏼

Thank you to @kingprincess69 and @henry_metcalf for inspiring my lil’ gay heart with the music and the disco moves. And to @homoco for the l👀ks.

Oscar Raymundo
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