How to get kicked out of a Coachella party

Coachella is more than just a music festival in the California desert. Beyond the gates, it’s two whole weekends full of nonstop parties: pool parties, corporate parties, chill parties, secret after-parties, invite-only parties. You get it. Whatever the vibe is, chances are there’s a party.

With so many events happening surrounding the music festival, it’s not very hard to find a hot place to hangout in Palm Springs. Getting in to a Coachella party is easy, the hard part is getting kicked out.

I would know, as I myself got kicked out of a really big Coachella party a few years ago. The party had live performances, free burgers and a ball pit. I think Justin Bieber ended up showing up, but I’m not entirely sure because by the time he would’ve gotten there I had already been… kindly escorted out by security for encouraging some friends who were not on the guest list to jump the fence (ooops). To add insult to injury, I was actually sharing a house with the party promoter. Embarrassing AF. 

Now that I’m a little wiser, here are some tips of what to do at a Coachella party that will surely get you kicked out, so you can learn from my dumb mistakes.

Sneak in. As I learned from personal experience, even encouraging friends to sneak into a party is a surefire way of getting yourself kicked out. HAIM tried sneaking in to the festival. Justin Bieber tried sneaking into the overcrowded artist area. In both cases, it didn’t turn out well.

Get in a fight. Justin Bieber may be the poster boy for ways to get kicked out at Coachella. The singer was actually kicked out when he got in a physical fight. Apparently you can’t punch anyone at a Coachella, even if they start choking one of your female friends. I’m on Bieber’s side on this one, and apparently so were the cops as the charges were dropped.

Mess with production. Coachella is a big production, and so are the parties that surround it. Messing with the speakers or disconnecting any cables will certainly put you on the “watch out” list by the production staff. Even dancing too close or too crazy near the sound booth can be a problem, as Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid found out.

Oscar Raymundo
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