Rare Photos of Freddie Mercury and His Boyfriend

Queen’s legendary lead singer, Freddie Mercury, flaunted a lot of things, but he always kept his personal life private. That’s why these rare photos of Freddie and his boyfriend, Jim Hutton, are especially endearing.

Now, decades after Freddie Mercury’s tragic death, these candid photos of the two of them together give us a glimpse into the rock star’s private love life and his most intimate moments with the Irish-born barber. Freddie and Jim met at a gay nightclub club in 1983. But it was not exactly love at first sight. Initially, Freddie offered to buy Jim a drink, but he was politely rejected. On a second occasion, Freddie and Jim ran into each other again and talked for a bit but nothing really happened.

It wasn’t until two years later that the third time was the charm for the unlikely couple, and they got together. They stayed together until Freddie’s untimely death due to AIDS-related complications in 1991. Jim remained by Freddie and cared for him until his dying day. Jim Hutton died in 2010 from a form of lung cancer. He had then been living with HIV for over 20 years.

Below is a vintage collection of rare photos and videos, depicting Freddie’s most candid moments and relationship with Jim, including some silly times in a bubble bath.

Photos: BoredPanda, Vintage Everyday

Oscar Raymundo
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