Watch the ‘Climax’ insane opening dance sequence

Argentine-French director Gaspar Noé has a reputation for making movies that are bold, aggressive, uncompromising, provocative and infamous for their unadulterated shock factor. Climax is no exception.

This arthouse film is about a troupe of young French dancers who descend into madness one night after dance rehearsal. Ever wondered what would happen if a trippy nightclub turned into an insane asylum? This movie is the answer.

In typical Gaspar Noé fashion, Climax continues to push buttons, scene after scene, almost as if daring the audience members to stay in their seats to watch this entire nightmare unfold. A film critic even wrote a guide for when you should leave the theater based on your personal threshold. In other words, Climax is not for the faint of heart.

Thankfully, our favorite scene (and arguably the best scene in the whole movie) happens right at the beginning: a continuously-shot 10-minute opening dance number that is truly mind-blowing. 🤯

Led by actress and dancer Sofia Boutella, the dance number is so mesmerizing that it’s worth seeing it on the big screen, even if you end up walking out of the theater right after.

According to the director, it took about 15 or 16 takes to nail the Climax opening dance sequence, and given the level of precision and passion that he got out of the dancers, it shows.

“I’m obsessed with good dancers,” Gaspar told Wonderland magazine. The director said that he was inspired to work with dancers after going to a vogue ballroom and seeing Rize, David LaChapelle’s movie about Krumping.“Iwas amazed by these young kids dancing like they were possessed by evil forces,” Gaspar said.

Ready to see it for yourself? Here is the best scene in all of Climax:

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