What It’s Like to Charter a Private Yacht in Capri

There’s no other way to see Capri than from the sea. No, really. Because the only way to get to the glitzy Italian island is via a boat. And why not arrive in true Capri fashion by chartering a private yacht. It’s the only way to get to Capri, and the most memorable way to explore the entire region, which includes the famed Amalfi Coast, Positano and Sorrento.

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Chartering a private yacht to take you to Capri is easy, not surprising considering the seafaring nature of this beautiful destination. There are many companies that will take you on a private yacht from the popular marinas in Positano or Amalfi, with an English-speaking skipper.

After doing a little bit of research, we decided to charter from Senior Gioacchino Esposito, who was kind enough to pick us up in this Romantica yacht from Il San Pietro di Positano, the only hotel in the area with its own private dock that guests can use at their leisure. Trust, having a yacht pick you up at your coastal hotel is certainly the most stylish way to spend the day. Big enough to fit 10 people, the yacht was sleek, beautiful and super-stylish.

Our dreamy adventure started by jetting straight to Capri, stopping by the underrated Green Grotto and the Faraglioni rocks. Once we debarked from the marina, we spent the afternoon drinking delicious limonata and strolling through the charming town. The Gardens of Augustus were full of scenic points of the panoramic blue ocean and the recognizably-windy Via Krupp.

On the way back, we circled the dolphin-shaped Li Galli island and took a dip in the ocean. Then we visited Furore, a beach town hidden behind an otherworldly bridge and gorge. Then, we swam to a private beach that can only be accessed via the water. And the day ended around magic hour casting an amber glow all over striking views of Positano.

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