This Video of Male Nude Wrestling at Burning Man Is Reason Enough to Go [NSFW]

Burning Man is set to return to the desert this weekend. Whether you’re curious about it or not, you can’t deny there’s a lot of desert action that goes on. And this NSFW video of a nude wrestling match at Black Rock City might be all the motivation you need to convince you to check it out. 👀

Every year, thousands of festival-goers flock to the middle of nowhere Nevada to participate in Burning Man. The iconic desert art festival and bacchanal is the place to be if you want to experience otherworldly art installations, wear the most inventive costumes, and party nonstop.

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Evidently, Burning Man is also where you want to go if you want to see sexy hunks get all oily and participate in some very lovely nude wrestling. Check out the NSFW below. 🍆

This video above depicts a nude wrestling match that took place at Burning Man in 2015 in all its oily glory. The nude wrestling match was hosted by the Active Naturists, a nudist group that setups a Burning Man camp and gym at Black Rock City every year.

Active Naturists aims to recreate a Greco-Roman gymnasium at Burning Man, with all the oily men (and women) in the buff getting close and personal. In fact, the word gymnasium originates from the Greek term “gymnós” meaning naked! Here’s what the Active Naturists had to say about why they want to recreate a nude wrestling gym at Black Rock City.

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“Historically in Ancient Greece one exercised naked, and we would like to revive this aspect too, as we think that by doing athletic and fun activities naked, participants will experience bonding aspect of such events stronger. We believe that nudity will make physical activities more fun and at the same time will be important in bringing across our message about body acceptance.”

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