‘DILFs of Disneyland’ Is Back on Instagram to Make Your Ovaries Explode

DILFs of Disneyland promises to be the happiest place on Instagram, and boy, do they have a point. Pushing a stroller sure does wonders for those biceps. πŸ’ͺ The super-popular Instagram account brings together the most magical thing about Disneyland. And that’s all the hot dads that visit the iconic theme park and its sister park next door, California Adventure. Is there anything sexier than a dad spending quality time with his kids and making all their dreams a reality?

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DILFs of Disneyland sure made a splash and caught our attention when it first launched, and our Instagram feed was certainly not been the same after the account went on a hiatus. Now, after nine months, DILFs of Disneyland is back in all its glory. Below are some of our all-time favorite Disney-loving daddies. πŸ’–

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If you spot a hot dad pushing a stroller or wearing a Baby Bjorn at Disneyland, you can add to the magic by submitting his photo with the hashtags #dilfsofdisneyland or #dadsofdisneyland.

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