Get to Know the Artists Behind Those Awesome Instagram Pride Stickers

During the month of June, Instagram’s 700 million users will get to be a part of Gay Pride with a new collection of Instagram Pride Stickers.
Instagram recruited five queer illustrators to create a series of limited-edition stickers that you can pin to your Instagram Stories to add some rainbow-color during Pride. You can tap the sticker to learn more about each artist who created it, and to see all of the Stories that have been tagged #Pride2017.

The Instagram Pride Stickers were created by @TheCuteBrute, @JoseAroda, @HeyRooney, @JshMcK and @CarraSykes. Instagram did a great job choosing artists that could represent everyone under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, including people of color and the transgender community. Carra’s illustration includes the Transgender Pride Flag colors, and Josh’s illustration (our favorite) is of a black hunk strutting in red heels.

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Check out the Instagram Pride Stickers below, as well as more illustrations from each of the artist selected for this campaign.






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