‘Looking: The Movie’ Soundtrack Sets the HBO Series Finale to Perfume Genius & Britney Spears [Listen]

Looking: The Movie Soundtrack HBO

There’s no denying that the Looking soundtrack was always 💯. Now you can listen below to the music that will be featured in Looking: The Movie this weekend. The original HBO series about a group of gay friends in San Francisco comes to an end on Saturday, July 23 with a special farewell, Looking: The Movie. And if the soundtrack is any indication, it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster, ranging from Perfume Genius’ tragic queer anthems to Todd Terje’s hypnotic house music to Britney Spears’ nuclear earworms 💣

From the get-go, the Looking soundtrack had always embraced LGBT artists. In addition to Perfume Genius, the movie will include a new song by John Grant, who was also featured in the season one soundtrack.

Looking: The Movie brings back other indie and dance-floor favorites. In fact, “I Get Nervous” by Lower Dens and “A Place Called Space” by The Juan MacLean had been previously featured in other scenes during Looking‘s two-season run. The Lower Dens song was first heard in season one, and The Juan MacLean song originally made us dance in season two.

The new Looking soundtrack also has its fair share of nostalgic throwbacks, including The Housemartins, which fill our need for 80s post-Smiths sensitivities, as well as Ultra Nate, a 90s house diva like no other.

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As with season one and season two, we have to thank the Looking music supervisor Liza Richardson for her great work on this one, both on-point and with a few surprises. Liza is a host at KCRW and had previously been a music supervisor for Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Kids Are Alright and The Affair.

Streaming music subscribers can listen to Looking: The Movie soundtrack on Apple Music and Spotify.

Looking: The Movie premieres on Saturday, July 23 at 10pm on HBO.

LOWER DENS – “I Get Nervous”
BRITNEY SPEARS – “Piece of Me”
TODD TERJE – “Inspector Norse”
JOHN GRANT – “No More Tangles”
THE JUAN MACLEAN – “A Place Called Space”
CUT SNAKE – “Santa Monica”
ULTRA NATE – “Automatic”
THE HOUSEMARTINS – “I’ll Be Your Shelter (Just Like a Shelter)”

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