Watch How This Guy Became the Star of His Own Real-Life Erotic Thriller

Ruin Me Erotic Documentary

Can a filmmaker get too caught up in his own movie? In his new erotic documentary, Ruin Me, Australian director Julian Shaw learns first-hand how reality and fantasy can co-exist in the underground world of online fetishism.

In 2013, Julian set out to make a documentary about Ceara Lynch, a world-famous dominatrix from Portland who humiliates willing participants on the internet. Ceara’s website states that she’s here for guys with the “inexplicable urge to have a pretty girl ruin [their] life.” Who would dare? 😳

Ruin Me Erotic Documentary

The documentary project started off as a conventional story about Ceara’s life and her captivating career-choices, while tackling super-modern issues like sex in the internet age, the art of femme domination, the power of anonymous seduction, blah blah blah.

Ruin Me Erotic Documentary

Throughout filming, however, the tables turn and the seduction becomes not-so-anonymous. Julian becomes the subject of his own erotic documentary. And as in other aspects of her life, Ceara gains control. Ruin Me shifts from a conventional documentary to a genre-bending mindfuck that can be better described as a real-life erotic thriller. You in? 🙃

The film recently went through a successful Kickstarter campaign and raised almost $30,000 to complete production. Check out the trailer below, as well as some sexy stills from the film that Julian sent to us.

And if you’re thinking, hey that guy kind of looks familiar… you may be right! He was the actor played the most dreamy husband ever in GetUp! Australia’s marriage equality video. The video, titled “It’s Time,” garnered over 16 million views. Julian being solely responsible for making the world collectively swoon. Here it is again, because we could watch it 16 million more times 😍

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