8 Pride Clothing Collections That Will Never Go Out of Style

Pride Clothing Collections - I'm from Driftwood

June is synonymous with Gay Pride, and it’s always awesome to see what everyone wears to celebrate. So it makes sense that companies launch their Pride clothing collections around this time. But it’s not as if LGBT people don’t exist the rest of the year. Now more than ever, we should wear our Pride every day, and wear it bold and loud 🌈

If you’re looking to spruce up your rainbow-colored wardrobe this summer, check out the following Pride clothing collections that showcase love, equality and LGBT icons like Harvey Milk. Pride celebrations in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Chicago and Tel Aviv may be behind us, but the parade is not yet over. Berlin, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Palm Springs, Austin and Las Vegas still have Pride festivals coming up.

And the best part, a lot of the proceeds from these Pride clothing collections go to LGBT charities and organizations. Because Pride is not only about looking good. It’s also about feeling good and doing good 🙇

I <3 Unicorns Too – $25

Sales from this cute t-shirt benefit I’m From Driftwood, but hurry, because this tee is extremely limited-edition and available only in June. Founded by Nathan Maske, I’m From Driftwood is our favorite queer storytelling archive initiative. Buy the I <3 Unicorns Too tee here.

BE PROUD by Baja East – $95

Pride Clothing Collections - Baja East

The uber-cool designers behind Baja East have created this simple but stunning Pride-inspired tee that’s already caught the attention of Zac Efron, Miley Cyrus and HAIM. All the proceeds are going to be donated to Equality Florida for the Pulse Victims Fund. Buy the BE PROUD tee here.

Levi’s Pride Collection

Pride Clothing Collection - Levi's

A corporate pioneer when it comes to supporting the LGBT community, Levi’s has paid homage to Harvey Milk’s legacy with this year’s limited-edition Pride collection. Extra kudos to Levi’s for bringing back the rainbow-colored bandanas that 70s Castro studs used to tuck in their back pocket to express sexual preferences. Aptly enough, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Harvey Milk Foundation. Shop the Levi’s Pride collection here.

How Dare You by Otherwild – $36

Pride Clothing Collection - Otherwild

Like Levi’s, chic label Otherwild has created Pride gear inspired by our past. This vintage-style tank top is inspired by a photo of a lesbian couple on Gay Pride Day in New York City in 1982 taken by Barbara Alper. Otherwild will donate 10 percent of the proceeds to Brooklyn’s Lesbian Herstory Archives. Buy the How Dare You Assume tank top here.

No Bullies, No Bigots by Jack’d

Pride Clothing Collection - No Bullies, No Bigots

Have you ever heard anything as offensive as “No Fats, No Femmes”? In order to combat that toxic masculinity both online and off, hookup app Jack’d created this empowering alternative. Sales of the shirt and tank top originally benefitted the Trevor Project, and after Orlando Jack’d gave customers the chance to have proceeds donated to Equality Florida for the Pulse Victims Fund. Shop the No Bullies, No Bigots collection here.

Nike’s Be True Collection

Pride Clothing Collection - Nike

Pride can be a marathon, not a sprint. So it might be smart to go with Nike’s Be True collection of athletic and footwear inspired by the rainbow flag and the pink triangle, two iconic symbols of the LGBT community. Proceeds will be donated to the LGBT Sports Coalition, which works to end discrimination in sports. Shop Nike’s Be True collection here.

Accidental Bear Collection

Pride Clothing Collection - Accidental Bear

A merman checking Instagram while walking a shark? The Accidental Bear t-shirt collection is unique, playful and quirky – perfect conversation starters for Pride season. All were designed by illustrator Mattia Caracciolo and benefit AccidentalBear.com, a website promoting alternative LGBT artists from all over the world. Shop the Accidental Bear collection here.

American Apparel’s Make America Gay Again


Now here’s a slogan for all gay kind. American Apparel, is taking on Trump head-on with its Make America Gay Again collection of shirts, tank tops, hats and tote bags. American Apparel will donate 30 percent of the proceeds to the Equality Act to fight discrimination against LGBT folks. Shop the American Apparel Make America Gay Again collection here.

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