100 Photos of ‘Two Men Kissing’ That Every Homophobe Needs to See

The father of the Orlando shooter told interviewers that his son was driven to open fire on a gay club full of people after seeing “two men kissing” in Miami. According to his dad, seeing gay dudes kissing in public made him very angry.

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Two Men Kissing

Yep, it’s 2016 and homophobia is still so powerful and insidious that some sick people can be set off to commit mass murder by the mere sight of this in public.

Two Men Kissing

Yikes! Two men kissing in public remains a radical act – terrifying homophobes into reaching for the nearest assault rifle. And all it takes is a little gay kiss like this. It may seem tiny to us, but it’s even more courages than ever.

Do you feel a funny discomfort when seeing gay affection and man-on-man intimacy? Trans advocate Jen Richards thinks it may be time to check yourself.

“Look at #TwoMenKissing. Really look. Then look inside yourself and be honest about how it makes you feel,” she wrote on her Instagram.

“Find any discomfort there and look at it. Examine it. Sit with it for as long as it takes to overcome. Sit with it until it disappears like a morning fog in the rising sun. Look at two men kissing until all you see is beauty and love, courage and pride. It will heal you, it will heal the world, and we all need healing. In the long run, the only lasting answer to hate and violence is love, more love, always more love.”

To help combat any fear, anger or hatred that may be sparked by a lovely gay kiss, here are 100 photos of two men kissing that every homophobe needs to see so they can get a grip.

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  • Robert David Sullivan

    Well-intentioned, but this selection reinforces the stereotype that gay men are exiled from their own community if they’re over 40 or have a few extra pounds. I would have shared this if I didn’t feel embarrassed to let my straight friends see it,

  • Yes. I agree with Robert David Sullivan. You just alienated a huge portion of gay men by not including those of us who are no longer 25. I’m 52, not muscular, I’m hairy, and I am gay and amazing. Please be inclusive in your next post. Thanks.

  • It would be appropriate to remove the “Power pole” picture. It does not portray a kiss. The young man upside down had just been electrocuted and his co-worker was trying to revive him. It doesn’t belong here.

    • And despite your terrible tone and classic baby boomer entitlement, I agree with you here. I’ve removed said photo and replaced it with – surprise! – one of two men who are older than 25. Just for you.

      • It’s a shame the author himself had to show up in the comments to single-handedly sully his own work that advocates for love and acceptance with offensive replies such as this.

      • Dallas Valerian

        Hey buddy. You’re website’s fun and good looking. I bet you’re a popular guy who can afford to be generous in reply to a suggestion and factual statement without canards. For instance, millenial entitlement may differ from the boomer brand, but both are prejudgments and lazy thinking. Also, although I’m not sure if I’m using the right tone, I am sure kindness will do you better than rock-hard abs, and I think you’re a star who can afford it.

  • I have to say I have to agree with Robert David. It is a great idea but I to wonder where are the “real” gay men that are missing in these pics.. Even those that are under 40 are not all handsome and well built and stunning looking. I am 64 years old and have been out and proud most of my adult life and married to my husband for 30 years. I also don’t under stand your statement “Unfortunately most photos of gay affection online are sourced from pornography” I have seen many pics. of men kissing and they were not pornographic material. We may be “classic baby boomers” but you should be more inclusive of all gay men. After all you will be our age soon enough and then you will have that “entitlement” that you don’t like.

  • I was so excited to see this, then realized there were so few pics of POC. Seeing that so much was pulled from porn, maybe some black, Asian, Latino, Indian porn kisses could have been pulled?To each his own but diversity/inclusion “sells”.

    • I’ve posted more photos of a San Francisco kiss-in to better reflect diverse LGBT couples http://confessionsofaboytoy.com/2016/06/17/san-francisco-lgbt-couples-keep-kissing/

      • Dallas Valerian

        I love seeing your collection, just being able to scroll through so many, picture after picture, makes me feel good. It’s nice you try to respond to all the ideas of what your choices ought to be. But I much prefer words like “could” to “should.”Brings to mind what Rita Mae Brown used to tell readers demanding that she write certain things and certain ways. As though a revelation had just struck, she’d say, “You know, I hear they sell pencils and paper to just everybody.”

  • I love this article – it makes the point really well <3 and the pictures are fabulous, they honestly are. They show love, desire and affection and I think that is the message to the readers and the whole point of the "gay men kissing" campaign. Guys, I understand what you mean about inclusivity and diversity, but you do seem to be pretty harsh on the author.

  • I’d just like to say that I’m 48 (today!!) and I don’t feel offended or excluded by this collection of pictures. I think it’s a really nice thing to post up and I take it as I think it was intended. I’m all for more visibility of all kinds – after all, visibility is a huge part of the problem for us as gay men, but if we’re going to start taking offense at the things we perceive people on our side as NOT doing, we’re going to be looking for a long time to find something to satisfy us. I would absolutely love to see a broader, more inclusive version of something like this, but that’s not the only way to respond, and this is beautiful in my opinion.

  • Unfortunately I think this was rather pornographic and stereotypical. Photos should have been more romantic – weddings, pride related, etc. Some of them are, but this is not something I would want to share with my family and friends.

  • As someone noted, not a lot of age diversity there. It IS possible to find men kissing through social media. I know I’ve posted photos of me and my husband on Facebook, and we’re hovering around 60 (I’m 62, he’s 58). Maybe we don’t have porn-model bodies, but we’re not too bad. We were there fighting for our right to marry, and finally kissing AT our wedding. We kiss all the time, even after 13+ years together.

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  • Robert David Sullivan

    Thanks for posting a more diverse selection!

  • I like photos of naked men embracing, lying together wrapped in each others arms (and legs), in a pre coital trance of love and lust, about to be fulfilled.

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