Need a Last-Minute Pride Stay? This App Will Find You an LGBT-Friendly Crash Pad

Overnight Pride Stay

Are you traveling to Los Angeles Pride or San Francisco Pride this month and still looking for a place to stay? Don’t worry your little pretty gay heart – there’s an app for finding the perfect Pride stay. Overnight is a new iPhone app for booking last-minute accommodations with local hosts in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin. It’s like Airbnb’s less-smug baby and without its predisposition for tax-evasion πŸ™Š

Now, Overnight is making it way-easier for travelers to find an LGBT-friendly place to stay during LA Pride and SF Pride. Simply download the app and open it during the Pride festivals in each city (June 9-12 in LA, June 24-26 in SF) to see a brand-new “Pride” option. This means that these hosts are all either members or proud supporters of the LGBT community and have all tagged their listing as being the perfect place to stay for #Pride πŸ™‹  

That’s right: Overnight will hook you up with a local host who won’t judge you for leaving the house wearing only rainbow briefs.”At Overnight, we love this celebration of expression, freedom, and acceptance,” the company wrote on its official insider’s guide to Pride. “The ideals of Pride mirror our mission statement, as we’re always looking to explore, expand, and embrace all lifestyles on the planet. Our belief that travel can change the world, by exposing people to new and exciting cultures is the reason we created Overnight.”

Overnight Pride Stay

Overnight makes sure that all their hosts are legit because they have to connect via Facebook and have a verified phone number, so you can rest assured your Pride stay will be safe. Sign up on the Overnight website to download the app and receive $20 off your first booking.

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