This Summer Camp for Adults Is Your Perfect Escape from Technology

If you spend your days staring at a computer screen long enough to make your eyes twitch or get separation anxiety every time you misplace your smartphone, you may be in need of a digital detox. Thankfully, this summer camp for adults is here to rescue you. Camp Grounded is a three-day weekend retreat in the wilderness designed to get adults off their devices and in-tune with nature.Camp Grounded - Summer Camp for AdultsCamp Grounded camp-goers get to do traditional summer camp activities like playing capture the flag, making s’mores under the stars and putting on a talent show. But these adult campers also get to partake in grownup past-times, too, like archery, capoeira, yoga, sailing and working on that novel but on an old-school typewriter.
Related: [Destination Daydream] Glamping Around the WorldCamp Grounded - Summer Camp for AdultsFounder Levi Felix wants people – often overworked and overstimulated – to use their time at Camp Grounded wisely, reflecting on how technology and social media impacts their day-to-day, both professionally and personally. Does it make you depressed when your Facebook post doesn’t get a ton of Likes? Or is answering work emails so easy on your iPhone that you keep doing it well past dinnertime? By removing these digital dependencies, this summer camp for adults offers a unique opportunity to “disconnect and reconnect” with nature and, thus, ourselves.

Related: Go Beyond Burning Man to Amsterdam’s Desert Art Camp for Space CadetsCamp Grounded - Summer Camp for AdultsIf anything, Camp Grounded is a great way to get back in touch with our inner child and spark old memories of summer camp days gone-by. And Camp Grounded seems like the perfect opportunity to get some new adult-friendly camping gear from REI’s “urban wild” line, evrgrn.

This summer camp for adults will take place this summer starting in Northern California the weekend of May 20. Then throughout the summer, people will be able book their Camp Grounded retreat in New York state, North Carolina and Texas.

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