5 Reasons the Apple Watch Is for Lovers

It’s been a full year since the Apple Watch first came into our lives. Apple’s slick smartwatch has been called many things in that time: a real-life Go Go gadget watch, an Anna Wintour-worthy fashion statement and a too much of a first-generation product for die-hard techies.

Whether you think it’s a innovative necessity or an overpriced indulgence, the Apple Watch has the potential to transform our day-to-day more than any other tech device since the iPhone — and that certainly includes our love lives. Apple has even called it their “most personal device yet.” Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Here are five reasons why the Apple Watch is for lovers, improving on the concept of mobile love-on-the-go. Your future husband might just be a flick of a wrist away.

1. Spend less time checking your phone

Apple Watch Is for Lovers

One of the main features of the new Apple Watch is the ability to receive notifications directly from iMessage, email and Instagram. This prevents you from having to dig into your back pocket to find your phone and check your notifications every time that thing goes off. Just one quick glimpse at your Apple Watch on your wrist and that’s it. You’ll know instantly if you’ve received an urgent text message from your friend who’s going into labor or if it’s just another long email from your quirky aunt with even more reasons why you should visit her.

Every minute spent not glued to a screen is an opportunity to make eye contact with the cutie on the train. And the Apple Watch is a godsend on first dates. According to a study conducted by university researchers in Ireland, first dates are all about split-second snap judgments and first impressions. And you wouldn’t want to give the impression that you get easily distracted every time your phone vibrates. (“But it could be important!”) This behavior tells your date that you’re bored or more interested in a funny Facebook meme. The Apple Watch gives you the newfound freedom to truly live in the moment and focus on what’s right in front of you (a.k.a. hot dates).

2. Work(out) your way to his heart

Apple Watch Is for Lovers

Wearable fitness trackers have been all the rage lately, and tech companies like Fitbit and Jawbone specialize in making this type of devices to keep us active. Last year, Apple jumped on the bandwagon by adding an activity tracker and health monitor to the Apple Watch. You can get real-time information on how you performed during your workouts and even set alerts to get you off your butt.

The Apple Watch fitness app will not only motivate you and your partner to stay fit and get the blood flowing, but also pump more love juice into your relationship. According to a study in Psychology Today, couples who worked out or participated in a physical activity together reported higher levels of satisfaction in their relationship and expressed a deeper love for their partner. The Apple Watch can help coordinate time in your busy schedule for these love-fueled partner workouts, and to compare each other’s activity stats afterwards as a fun way to stay challenged and motivated – Michael Jordan versus Mia Hamm-style.

3. Communicate beyond a wink and a text

Apple Watch Is for Lovers

The Apple Watch is also equipped with new ways to say: “I miss you,” “I love you,” and “Do you want to get out of here?”

With the Watch, you will be able to tell your crush you’re thinking about him without using words. The Digital Touch feature makes it easy to create and send a sketch of cute stuff to express your devotion. If you want to share something more intimate with your partner, you can use the Apple Watch’s built-in heart rate sensor to send over your heartbeat. These simple but endearing new ways to communicate can play a role in sustaining a relationship, especially when your loved one is far away. According to a study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, couples in a long-distance relationship embrace even the subtlest forms of communication to build intimacy because they don’t interact physically on a daily basis.

Digital Touch also can be used to send silent vibrating taps. Couples can play around with this feature to create their own special, secret Morse code that only they can sense when they’re out together at a party or a bar. Two taps? Come here and save me from this creepy guy who thinks I’m single. Three taps? I’m over this party, let’s go makeout. Your friends will be impressed by the psychic connection you share with your man, but really it’s all made possible by the Apple Watch.

4. Own up to your success

Apple Watch Is for Lovers

Apple’s product designers have created three different models of the Apple Watch: the standard stainless steel Apple Watch, the lightweight Apple Watch Sport with colorful rubber straps and the luxury Apple Watch Edition made from 18-karat rose gold. Depending on which strap you select (and there are plenty of choices), the Apple Watch Edition could set you back a pretty penny — upwards of $17,000, to be exact. Apple’s most expensive smartwatch is priced similarly to luxury women’s watches from Bulgari, Cartier, and Rolex. As if that is not luxurious enough, Apple has also partnered with fashion powerhouse Hermès to create a gorgeous collection.

So if you’re in a financial position to gift yourself a luxe Apple Watch, then more power to you. Wearing this status symbol around town will attract only men who are not intimidated by super success. For the wealthy guy or gal, finding this type of guy is vital for the future, especially considering that 70 percent of couples report that money and finances causes tension in their relationship. Getting the Apple Watch that best suits your lifestyle could help you find the right match for when you make a last-minute decision to jet off to St. Barths.

5. Spark a connection with other early adopters

Apple Watch Is for Lovers

Even though the Apple Watch has gotten plenty of buzz, it will take time before a smartwatch becomes as common as a smartphone. Only a small percentage of people have embraced an Apple Watch during its initial first-year launch, which could put you in a very specific self-selected group of individuals.

If you spot a fellow Watch-wearer at a backyard BBQ or a housewarming party, you’ll have an immediate connection because there won’t be that many of you just yet. And this cutting-edge wearable tech is something new and unique to talk about. A study conducted by Stanford University found that just sharing a few things in common with someone — let’s say, a fondness for stylish tech gadgets  – creates an instant emotional connection.

Because the Apple Watch is something that you’ll most likely wear with you at all times (unlike the iPad) and it’s already far more socially acceptable than Google Glass, it has the potential to be a real-life conversation starter.

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