Here’s the Male Version of the Kim Kardashian Nude Photo That Got Removed from Instagram

Kim Kardashian is certainly a controversial figure, but apparently Instagram thinks she’s not as controversial as Australian gay athlete Simon Dunn.
Earlier this week, Simon shared a sexy selfie on Instagram inspired by that now-infamous Kim K nude photo. Simon even added the same black sensor marks over his junk and his chest so the photo wasn’t too explicit. But that wasn’t enough: Instagram has removed the photo, Simon tells us. Ironically, Kim Kardashian’s picture, the original nude inspiration, remains intact, getting more hearts by the minute. So while that Kim K nude photo is safe, Simon’s naked selfie is just too damn hot for Instagram.

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“My latest photo has been removed from Instagram for breach of guidelines yet Kim Kardashian West’s photo which I was copying remains. I wonder if it’s because my ‘censor’ line was vertical rather horizontal,” Simon wrote on his Facebook page, before adding the #DoubleStandard hashtag. The photo in question is below and the uncensored version is at the bottom of this post.Male Version of Kim Kardashian Nude PhotoDid Instagram remove Simon’s photo simply because he’s a dude? Even more troubling, did they not remove Kim K’s photo because she’s a super-famous celebrity? You could make the case that Instagram users reported Simon’s picture and not Kim’s, but that’s absurd. She has millions of followers and about as many haters, so we’re pretty sure Kim’s pic got reported a bunch of times, too.

Unfortunately, Simon is not the only person who has been unfairly targeted. Instagram and its parent company Facebook have declared an all-out war on anything-nude from surfacing on their platforms. They don’t seem to understand that depictions of nudity are not inherently sexual.

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As Instagram craves to make more money from prudish advertisers, it doesn’t want to be the home of #FreeTheNipple (women posting photos of their bare breasts to make a political statement about the female body), let alone #EggplantFridays (just pictures of dicks or visible dick outlines, preferably on sweatpants).

And that’s fine. Instagram can do whatever it wants. It can have community guidelines that are strict and sex-negative. But those guidelines should be consistent regardless of gender and sexual orientation. For whatever reason, it seems that the only thing on Instagram that’s more frightening than Kim Kardashian’s nipple is Simon Dunn’s penis.

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Maybe the solution is to simply start using Snapchat. Kim K just joined the private photo-sharing app. So Simon, you too can share sexy photos with us on Snapchat anytime.Male Version of Nude Kim Kardashian Photo

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  • Its because that racket girl gets paid to put stuff like her fake ass to promote being a hooker, she gets paid for being well a h.Bye now.

  • So, the uncensored version is.. where now? 🙁

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