Here’s How Beyoncé and Jay Z Spent Their Dream Italian Vacay

Last year Beyoncé and Jay Z went to Florence, Italy to indulge in total Dolce Vita. Fortunately, Beyoncé is not as camera shy as she used to be, and she Instagram’ed her way through her dream Italian vacation. Renaissance art-spotting? Check. Gelato tastings? Check.
Marie Claire editor Samantha Leal was able to check in on Queen Bey’s social media and create a Beyoncé-approved itinerary for her own trip to Florence. Here’s how Bey and Jay lived it up while in Italy.Beyonce and Jay Z on Italian Vacation

What They Did

While on their vacay, Beyoncé and Jay Z went to see Michelangelo’s David at the Accademia Gallery and even took a guided tour. David had to get over himself that day because Bey and Jay became the museum’s star attractions.Beyonce and Jay Z on Italian VacationThe A-list culture mavens then visited the Piazza del Michelangelo, where Beyoncé could not stop snapping photos of the glorious skyline. She even knew how to capture the best angles. Bey and Jay also went to see the Florence Cathedral and the Medici Chapel while in the historic city.Beyonce and Jay Z on Italian VacationAfter much sightseeing, Beyoncé, Jay Z and their daughter Blue Ivy ended their day at an ancient Tuscan winery in the outskirts of Florence. Antinori Winery has been around for 26 generations, but it’s unlikely they’ve seen anything close to the flawlessness that is Queen Bey and her fam.

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Where They Ate

It wouldn’t be a dream Italian vacation without mounds of yummy gelato and pizza. Beyoncé got her gelato fix from Gelateria Edoardo, a tiny cute shop that serves gelato in handmade cones.Beyonce and Jay Z on Italian VacationBeyoncé and Jay Z sat down for dinner at Il Pizzaiuolo Osteria. While this traditional pizza place serves risotto, tortelloni and linguine, it looks like this pop royalty went for the signature La Vera Pizza Napoletana.Beyonce and Jay Z on Italian Vacation

Where They Stayed/Slayed

Although we are not really sure where Mr. and Mrs. On the Run stayed while in Florence, this video Beyoncé posted on Instagram shows that the family might have taken a side-trip. Beyoncé is seen dancing around what looks like the Hotel Cala Di Volpe in the northern part of the Sardinia Italian island, not far from Florence.

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