Tumblr Turned This Homophobic Post Into a Dystopian Novel About LGBT Liberation

Now we know what happens when you post on the Internet a totally moronic concept to try to justify your homophobia: people will spin it into pure queer dystopian gold.
A Tumblr user tried to disprove that being gay was natural by asking what would happen if we were to separate gay and lesbians into their own island away from straight people.

“The gay and lesbian islands will both wipe out in not even one century,” the Tumblr user wrote. “This isn’t just about religion or morals, it’s just simple common sense. Being gay is unnatural, and not just because God said so, but because you yourself wouldn’t even be born without a REAL natural man and woman.”Instead of trying to correct this crazy logic (or just ignoring it completely), the Tumblr community went with it and used it as a springboard for imagining a one-of-a-kind dystopian adventure fantasy. Long saga short, the gay and lesbian islands team up along with the pansexual archipelago, bisexual bay and an asexual sky nation to declare war on hetero-land. It’s a dystopian novel about LGBT liberation at its most surreal.Just think of it as the Hunger Games but the districts are each designated to a member of our queer family for our gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual and asexual brethren.



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