What Your Favorite Superheroes Would Look Like as Shirtless Gay Hunks

If you thought Spiderman and Captain America were mighty fine in the comic books, then you’re in for an eye-candy treat.
An illustrator who goes simply by the name Fab has re-imagined our favorite already-hunky superheroes into even more dashing, shirtless uber-hotties.

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In Fab’s hyper-sexy superhero universe, Superman rips his shirt off to reveal a hairy chest, Aquaman has a perfectly groomed beard and Iron Man is not afraid to show what he’s packing under that suit. Fans of the Green Lantern or Gambit also have something to drool over.

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And this is just the beginning of your superhero fantasies. You can commission Fab to create a custom illustration. Find more of Fab’s dreamy creations by following him on Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr. Pro tip: Fab’s Tumblr seems to be where he posts all his uncensored NSFW illustrations 😜


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  • Shirtless superheroes illustrated by Fab | BosGuy

    […] seems to be where he posts his uncensored NSFW illustrations. Much thanks to Oscar and his blog confessionsofaboytoy.com for initially sharing Fab’s engaging illustrations. […]

  • just THANK YOU 🙂

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