Photos: This Sexy Couple Is Living Out Our Exotic Travel Fantasies on Instagram

As if living full-time in Tahiti wasn’t dreamy enough. How about getting to share this piece of paradise with a hot boyfriend who can’t keep his hands off of you? This sexy couple on Instagram is living out all our exotic, far-flung fantasies and documenting every steamy moment on Instagram. Charlotte Durgeat and Jesson Vedel love sharing photos of each other, hand-in-hand and oftentimes half-naked, exploring the glorious beaches and turquoise waters in their backyard.
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The French Polynesian islands sure makes for a stunning backdrop, but that hasn’t stopped Charlotte and Jesson from exploring other equally-gorgeous parts of the world. Together the Tahitian sexy couple has also traveled to Bali, California, Europe and Australia.

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Charlotte’s bikini photos and Jesson’s action shots make for a very alluring and exhilarating combination. The sexy couple’s travel adventures have garnered them over 30,000 Instagram followers.

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Let’s just say this “proud to be Tahitian” sexy couple can make each other look good in just about any exotic destination.

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