Want to Smell Like Sweaty Sex? Well, Here’s a Fragrance Just for You

Looking for a signature scent that’s bound to raise more than just a few eyebrows? Parisian parfumerierEtat Libre d’Orange has created a provocative fragrance designed to smell like blood, sweat, saliva and semen. It even has hints of breast milk. It’s called Secretions Magnifiques, and basically it smells like every bodily fluid mixed into one little $88 perfume bottle.

Secretions Magnifiques’ raison d’etre is to prove that the “the body reigns supreme,” and seriously whoever wears this stuff must really love the human body in order to go out the house smelling like cum all day long. Vice asked one of its writers to wear the fragrance for a whole week and write about her experience because of course they did.
secretions magnifiques sweaty sex smell“I don’t think it’s for everyone,” said Olya, a sale associate at MiN, the high-end boutique in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood where the spunky fragrance can be found. “It’s very primal. I feel like humans always get attracted to things that are unclear, unknown, or even repulsive.”

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The first day, the Vice writer kept “getting whiffs of [herself] and had to stop and gag several times.” Throughout the week, one woman told her she smelled like her ex-boyfriend, another girl mentioned that she smelled like her dad. By the end of the week, the Vice writer had shared the perfume with her friend who ended up having sex with a married, 35-year-old man from Canada.

“If you can pull it off, why not go there?” Olya said.

ps. Etat Libre d’Orange also makes a fragrance inspired by Tom of Finland. It smells like leather, of course, suede to be exact, but also lemon and musk to appeal to leather daddies and lumberjacks alike.tom of finland perfume sweaty sex smell


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