50 Most Right-Swiped Men on Tinder — Sexy Instagram Photos Revealed!

To celebrate their “Sexiest Man Alive” 2015 issue, People magazine asked Tinder to share which guys on the dating app get right-swiped the most. For those of you unfamiliar with modern romance, swiping right on a Tinder profile is the new, efficient, totally socially-acceptable way of telling a guy you want to have his babies.
People used the data to reveal the sexiest men on Tinder from each state. We don’t use Tinder, because we much rather flirt on Instagram. So we took their list one step further: by searching the Internet for more information on Tinder’s finest. We found a ton of Instagram profiles, although a lot of them are private. Also we found YouTube videos of one of these Tinder guys playing the piano dressed in full Freddie Mercury gear. Seriously, what a treasure.

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We also discovered that one of these guys already has a boyfriend! How much would it suck to find out that a.) your boyfriend is on Tinder, b.) he’s one of the most right-swiped guys on Tinder! and c.) it’s all over People magazine. That profile was promptly deleted.

The rest of the Tinder profiles are very much still active 😍

Nick, 22, New Hampshire (also pictured hiking in the featured image above)


Jimmy, 32, Maryland

Russell, 27, Nebraska

Corey, 26, Hawaii

Yoel, 35, Florida


Zach, 23, Maine


George, 24, West Virginia


Lucas, 23, North Carolina

Garrison, 23, California

Danny, 23, Colorado


Alex, 25, Kentucky


Jeremy, 23, Montana


Keith, 25, Louisiana

Adam, 34, New York

Matthew, 28, North Dakota

Zak, 25, Utah


Draeger, 27, Oregon

J.D., 26, Idaho

Chris, 25, Indiana640x640_pct_0_0_390_532_594b1123-2e0f-4930-b26a-817ff7f4b3dcInstagram profile is private 😞

Gio, 24, Georgia640x640_44f84b94-7a44-4d1f-8775-9610e40c7d52-1Instagram profile is private 😞

Peter, 36, Illinois640x640_560f7831-40b2-42b1-b54f-588df61383bdInstagram profile is private 😞

Konnor, 22, South Dakota640x640_61073b44-1338-4904-bddb-3d0da678bbddInstagram profile is private 😞

Kris, 25, Pennsylvania640x640_ee94d984-38e0-43f2-8811-db9f1e7d54b3Instagram profile is private 😞

Peter, 29, Nevada640x640_c03bfd82-209d-43d5-9c11-3e5645cd1b45Instagram profile is private 😞

Kevin, 22, MassachussetsAAEAAQAAAAAAAAN8AAAAJDg1MGI1MDMwLWNlMDItNGY4ZC1iOWYyLTNhZTZmMmViOWQ2MAInstagram profile is private 😞

Andy, 28, New Jersey

Here’s his Instagram, but nothing on there is as interesting as this video of him dressed up as Freddie Mercury and rocking out on the piano.

Adam, 23, Tennessee

Instagram profile is private 😞 but we did find this gem of him practicing Spanish on YouTube. Also his HypeMachine and Soundcloud profiles if you care to get a sense for his taste in music.

Andy, 28, Texas

No Instagram found but check him out playing the guitar on YouTube and you can also follow him on Twitter.

Tucker, 26, Oklahoma

The former college basketball player is absent from most public social media — except Vine!

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