This AI Robot Will Judge How Good Your Selfies Are — But It Won’t Be Pretty

Turns out, even robots have an opinion on how good you look in your selfies nowadays. Is beauty now in the AI of the beholder?
Using artificial intelligence, the @DeepSelfie Twitter bot can automatically analyze any submitted selfies to determine whether they will get attention on social media in the form of likes and hearts. 👍💖

@DeepSelfie uses a “deep learning” algorithm created by Stanford PhD student Andrej Karpathy. The selfie bot examined two million self-portraits to establish a metric of what makes a good selfie. Here’s how it judged my most recent selfie.


RUDE! I tried it a second time, thinking maybe the bot had an unconscious bias for facial hair. The score was a little bit higher, but @DeepSelfie was still “not very impressed.”

So what makes a good selfie according to artificial intelligence? Tech Insider compiled the top 100 best-ranking selfies as determined by @DeepSelfie. Apparently, a good selfie means being a young female with long hair, depicted solo off to the side, not too close up and with the forehead cut off. The images are filtered and have borders.

The subjects of these best-ranking selfies are all women. There are no black people, men and very few Asian women. Hmmm, talk about an unconscious bias. 😒

Now — thanks to a Stanford PhD — we know that artificial intelligence is not any more enlightened that the rest of us.good selfies

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