The Feel-Good Reason This Literary Group Asked a Bunch of Gay Models to #ReadNaked

Young gay men may not be rushing to the nearest bookstore like they used to, but the time-honored tradition of drooling over hot naked men continues (we would know).
Now a San Diego-based literary organization is looking to harness the power of a good-looking naked dude to make reading sexy again. The Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation has put together a 2016 calendar of sexy male models posing in their birthday suits while they #ReadNaked.

12192009_932040243529073_4899432646575583234_nThe foundation claims that the #ReadNaked 2016 calendar is “unique because it has specifically enlisted openly gay and bisexual male models of color” in an effort to showcase true diversity within the LGBT reading community. 👏👏👏bts-jabriel-and-frank#ReadNaked 2016 includes bare-naked photos of reality TV stars, underwear models, porn stars and other Instagram-worthy studs from Southern California. The models have posed naked while holding some hot-and-heavy reads from a fantastic roster of gay authors of color, such as Richard Blanco, James Baldwin, Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Rigoberto González, Justin Torres and Lysley Tenorio.bts-jorge-and-hussainAll proceeds from the #ReadNaked 2016 calendar sales will go towards supporting the Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation, which helps pay to make sure that LGBT books are included in California’s high school libraries. Now that’s something worth taking your pants off for. You can order your copy of #ReadNaked 2016 nakedPhotos: Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation / Facebook

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