Destination Daydream: 8 Awesome Outdoor Cinemas Around the World

You won’t just be “seeing a movie” at one of these glorious outdoor cinemas. Whether you’re relaxing inside a hot tub or floating in a stunning lagoon, these cinematic experiences will be hard to top by your local cineplex.

Grease Carnival in London

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 8.21.38 PMThe folks of Future Cinema stage secret screenings all over the U.K., in beautiful theaters and outdoor spaces. For their showing of Grease, Secret Cinema replicated a 50s-style carnival in Barnes Common, London for 10,000 hand-jivin’ viewers.

Archipelago Floating Cinema in Nai Pi Lae Lagoon, Thailand

archipelago-cinema-1[7]This floating movie theater was constructed off of Kudu Island to commemorate the final screening during the Film on the Rocks Yao Noi Festival, a film festival curated in part by Tilda Swinton.

Epic Treehouse Theater in France

treehouse-theaterThe studio behind the animated film, Epic, set up a cinema perched high above the trees in a French forest to screen their new film.

Hot Tub Cinema in the U.K.


How does this sound: You and five friends hang in a hot tub as a server brings you drinks while Pulp Fiction plays in the background. Hot Tub Cinema sets ups outdoor movie-watching experiences all over the U.K. and will be coming soon to New York City.

Sandbox in the Miami Beach Edition Hotel

miami-beach-cinemaThis hotel has a tropical hideout near the pool and the beach called the Sandbox where you can watch your favorite movie while on a hammock or sipping cocktails barefoot on the sand.

Talisker Sail-In Cinema in the U.K.

HighlightHero8The whiskey company wanted to make a splash during the annual Cowes Week regatta so they created a makeshift cinema on the pier where spectators could “sail-in” and watch a movie before the giant fireworks finale.

Moroccan Movie Night at Kasbah Tamadot Resort

cinema-nights-moroccoThis Virgin Limited Edition property on the Atlas Mountains offers a night of movie-watching under the stars. Watch Moroccan-inspired film fare while lounging on plushy pillows and listening in on all the action with your personal set of wireless headphones.

Cinema Paradiso at Soneva Kiri Resort in Thailand

cinema-paradiso-soneva-kiriThis exquisite Thai resort has created a beautiful open-air movie theater right on the property’s calm lagoon reservoir. Watch your favorite classic films while surrounded by an exotic jungle.

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  • I wonder if they have ever shown Jaws at the Archipelago Floating Cinema in Nai Pi Lae Lagoon, Thailand 🙂

    • Ha! I actually read that Jaws was one of the options to screen at the Talisker Sail-In Cinema in the U.K. but they went for the Master & Commander.

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