Louis Vuitton’s Modern Beach House Is Still F*cking Stunning 80 Years Later

Modernist French architect Charlotte Perriand designed her dream beach house back in 1934, La Maison au Bord de L’Eau, but never got the chance to actually turn her dream into a reality. That is, until luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton came into the picture.
Almost 80 years later, Louis Vuitton built and furnished Perriand’s simple, beach-y abode concept as part of a satellite exhibition to celebrate Design Miami 2013. La Maison was erected in the beachfront garden of The Raleigh Hotel in South Beach using Perriand’s old sketches and drawings. The French architect and designer is considered an influential figure in the modern design movement of the twentieth century.

In conjunction with constructing the beach house, Louis Vuitton also created a Spring/Summer 2014 clothing collection inspired by Perriand’s aesthetic, her “desires,” as well as her contributions to the world of modern design.

“As a pioneer of interior architecture alongside Le Corbusier, and trailblazer for the modern movement in furniture, [Perriand] created many design masterpieces now regarded as icons,” the team at Louis Vuitton wrote about their undertaking.

“Now, eight decades later, Charlotte Perriand’s studies prove quite contemporary in light of the advancements in wooden architecture.”

It’s incredible to think that this beach house concept from 80 years ago has managed to stay fresh and modern to this day. You know what they say, fashion fades but style lasts forever.


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