In Need of a Beyoncé Emoji? Check Out These New Emojis for Pop Music Lovers

iPhone users finally got their fingers on a bunch of new emojis with the recent release of iOS 9.1. But besides the middle finger (🖕) and the upside down happy face (🙃), we’re not too excited about the new additions.
Personally, we text about Beyoncé almost every single day. Has Queen Bey not yet proven her modern-day relevance? Where’s our goddamn Beyoncé emoji? I’m sorry, but a crunchy taco emoji is not going to help us share our undying love for the “Flawless” singer.

And what about other iconic artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna and David Bowie? We believe they deserve their own emojis, too. Thankfully, Brazilian art director Bruno Leo Ribeiro shares our passion for seeing these artists pop up on our iPhones. He’s designed a set of new emojis inspired by a bunch amazing artists and bands. Britney Spears, Daft Punk, Nirvana, Jay-Z and Queen are all depicted. Below are just some of our favorite music emojis.


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