Listen to the Cutest, Funniest, Most Touching Slam Poetry About Young Gay Love

Listening to Steven James Boyle’s slam poetry transports us back to those blissfully awkward days of puppy love and college crushes. We haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Steven perform live, but thankfully we do have a YouTube account.

Steven has uploaded videos of his spoken word for all of us to listen to and take in. In the following videos, you’ll get to listen to the young slam poet perform his poems about coming out, dating, gay love and the pressure to be masculine in the gay community. Follow Steven on Twitter or YouTube to find out when and where he’ll be performing next, or to catch one of his performances uploaded online.

Steven delivers his poetry as the endearing boy-next-door, but that doesn’t mean he won’t get a little raunchy. His latest poem upload a few days ago is marked NSFW and is titled “Profanity, or Find an Open-Minded Audience.” Well, here we are!

Every Sunday, Steven also posts more casual videos as a weekly series called #IHitSendSunday, where he takes viewer questions and and dishes on a wide range of topics such as: what to do if your crush is straight, what are the pros and cons of having a circumcised dick, and whether it’s okay to be single forever.

You can email him with your probing questions here:

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