Straight Dude Getting Married to Older Gay Millionaire for Money, and Yes, They Have Sex

How far would you go to keep your bank account “topped up” each month? A young man is going insofar as to marrying a gay millionaire twice his age — even though he’s straight.
“I’m a straight 24-year-old male who is engaged to a wealthy 51-year-old man. I’m in it for the money (and he knows that). I have no interest in a relationship with a woman, so I figure why not,” the guy wrote as the opener for his Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. Why not, indeed!

The young Redditor met his future husband at the gym. After a few flirts, they came to an “arrangement” and have since established a “mutually beneficial relationship.” The rich dude keeps the Redditor’s bank account topped up each month (“…the amount of money I’m getting depends on how much I spend”). In return, the Redditor “fakes” a romantic relationship.

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“We hold hands and shit. People would likely see us as a couple if they actually watched us for a period of time.”

Although the romantic aspect of their relationship is very one-sided, the fucking is a two-man sport. The Redditor, however, claims he’s straight, not bisexual, but he does admit that his life has divulged into the ultimate “gay for pay” scenario.the-morning-after-short-film-e1325803421114“I consider myself straight. I just don’t make a huge deal out of a dick going into an ass. Cause it’s really not that big of a deal. Not my choice of ‘fun’, but it’s not like it’s gonna be terrible and going in with that it’s going to feel good physically regardless of if you’re attracted to dudes or chicks or both.”

The wealthy 51-year-old is apparently worth around $12 million, according to his fiancé. Which I guess is a lot of money, but if you’re going to marry someone for money, have it a least be a lot of money. Peter Thiel is worth $3 billion (just sayin’).

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Even though the Redditor says “p-gasms [orgasm from penetration] can feel pretty awesome when I have them,” he is still allowed to explore his heterosexual fantasies by hooking up with women as long as it happens outside the house. When the Redditor told his best friend about the perks of having a gay sugar daddy, the only thing she asked was, “Does he have any friends who are also rich?”

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  • Owen Jerome Mitchell

    I am! Come see me!

  • im a 32 year old gay male, pretty fair looking but not to fit or to fat, and in a ltr, and after reading this post, i for one will admit, that despite how much i love my bf, i would work something out and or leave him to marry a wealthy guy or women faster then a heart beat for a large sum of money to get a nice house and car and not have to work anymore, unless i wanted to. because, it is very hard to thrive into today’s society and most people would socially deny the fact that they would consider such things, and i am not one of those persons.
    ((a chance for a sugar daddy? heck yeah, ill be a boy toy))

  • Umm seriously if you’re married to a man and having sex with him when you’re a man yourself you’re not at all considered straight to be honest even if you’re doing it for money and not interested in women romantically for relationships so yeah umm straight dude you is definitely considered as being a gay man so just be out with it and enjoy being the gay man that you are ^__^

  • This courtesan says that she is not gay?

  • RE: “Peter Thiel is worth $3 billion (just sayin’).”

  • This is really stupid and he is really a sad person.

  • Interesting article, but you may want to look into getting a copy editor. Some of your word choices are so mistaken that the meanings are entirely lost (for instance, using “divulge” when you meant “devolve”– the two words have entirely different meanings).

  • So much desperation out there,, Id rather be alone and happy than conform tto a situation I never really wanted or dont enjoy. People need to start thinking more of themselves and quit looking for free rides in life. Remember if youe with a sugar daddy or sugar momma you are expendable and can be replaced with a snap of a finger.

  • I would jump on it too for a replenishing bank account

  • I am a gay man, an did have a LTR with a wealthy man for approximately 9 years, lesson learned,’ money won’t make you happy!’ If you believe this is a good arrangement, you’re delusional, and slowly destroying your self worth, happiness, self esteem, hell the list can go on, and on. I think people who think this is a good way to advance their lives financially, simply don’t understand the basic needs of that a person needs emotionally, and physically.

  • Women have been doing this for years lol

  • This is less about sexuality and more of an article about a self-denying male prostitute and his strategy to live beyond his current means or potential – His self-rationalizations and apathetic nature for an easier road is quite palpable. What about applying yourself and maintaining some self-earned dignity so at the least, your “boss” doesn’t own you- pretty sad case and inevitably destroys the internal…nothing better than earning my own money and having sex outside of obligation or trade!

  • Hold up.. I mean I’m 23 gay and single and would love to b in a relationship with a wealthy guy.. And not so much for the money.. So u rather be with someone thts fake than b with someone who will genuinely love u for u.. Smh. Must b nice..

  • Hold up.. I mean I’m a 23 gay single male who would love to b in an a relationship with a wealthy guy.. So you mean that you couldn’t find someone who would genuinely love you for you.. Smh.. Must be nice..

  • Well am looking to meet and marry but am only worth 2 million sorry not a billionaire

  • Wow, I need me a millionaire

  • It’s cuter to cry about your life in an Porsche than a Volkswagen, so at least he’s got that happening for him.

  • How can I get an arrangement like this??

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