What If We Took Out All the Dirty Words in Gay Erotica?

Noted gay author Edmund White describes his issue with gay erotica simply as, “the cock-and-balls” problem. Sometimes gay erotica gets too carried away depicting sexual play-by-plays, describing the protagonist’s anatomy or focusing on other “sexual hydraulics,” as Edmund White would call them. Unfortunately, there are not that many synonyms for the word, “erection.”
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What if we took all the “cock-and-balls” out of gay erotica? Sweet and charming YouTubers Jason and Marcus, a.k.a. Team Theme, have done just that in one of their latest videos, Gay Erotica Reimagined.

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Instead, they’ve replaced the naughty words with names and phrases from other categories, like EDM DJs and Pokemon characters. So rather than “fucking,” gay erotica characters are now “Diplo’ing” each other until they both “Clefairy” their brains out.

Watch the “action” below.

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