These Gorgeous Drag Queen Polaroids Would Make Andy Warhol Proud

From Andy Warhol to Tom Bianchi, art photographers have always been fascinated by the immediacy that can be captured by a polaroid camera. Today, thanks to Instagram, the polaroid aesthetic is undergoing a renaissance.
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San Francisco-based photographer Mark Christopher has been taking one-of-a-kind polaroids of stunning drag queens and bearded sexpots (sometimes one and the same). His Instagram account is a collection of these sometimes edgy, always artful shots — which have just recently captured the attention of the Andy Warhol Museum.

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Warhol was a known polaroid enthusiast, drawn to the medium’s ability to document candid, genuine moments and turn them into art. Some art critics have even called him the “Original Instagrammer,” and some of his best polaroids have been collected in a new art book, Andy Warhol Polaroids: 1958 – 1987, featuring rare photos of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Jones, Yves Saint Laurent and Divine.

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For the Instagram generation, Christopher has given us polaroids of Violet Chachki, Pearl Liaison, Alaska 500, Jake Shears, Adore Delano, Mathu Anderson, Peaches Christ, Max, Courtney Act, Heklina, Sharon Needles, Milk, Trixie Mattel, Katya, Sister Roma, Alyssa Edwards, Christeene, Jodie Harsh, Miss Fame, Grace Towers, Kelly Lovemonster, Juanita More, Lady Bear, Terry T, Miss Rahni, Jason Kendig, Little Miss Hot Mess, the Boulet Brothers, Crème Fatale and (judging by these names) basically everyone who should be pissed off at Facebook in support of the #MyNameIs campaign.

Photos: Mark Christopher / Instagram

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