Build Your Burning Man Itinerary with This List of Every Party Happening in Black Rock City

I won’t be going to Burning Man, even though I was dead-set on experiencing the desert arts festival this year. When I couldn’t score tickets, I even went on a cray-cray investigation to find out why.
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Needlessly to say, I want to live vicariously through all the lucky folks who got tickets (or who sent out enough positive energy into the universe to get tickets bestowed upon them).

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But I’ve heard that the Burning Man website that has all the event info is kind of a mess… want to plan your ideal Burning Man itinerary before you reach the playa? I know I would. Developer/Burning Man attendee Justin Klein has come to the rescue! He’s figured out a tech-y way to lift all the event information from the Burning Man website into an Excel spreadsheet.

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You can search by location, time or by key word, whether that be “Britney Spears listening party,” or “heavy petting orientation party. Oh yes, all the glory of Burning Man is upon upon

Download the spreadsheet of every single freakin’ event and party happening at Burning Man 2016 here!

Thanks Justin!

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