Male Model Bo Roberts Is the Sexiest Man Live-Streaming His Studly Life on Periscope

Twitter’s live-streaming app, Periscope, has only been around a few months, but it’s already got 10 million users watching about 40 years worth of video every day. The numbers are impressive for sure, but not at all surprising. After all, I could spend 40 years watching live-streamed videos of one of Periscope’s most popular live-streamer: Bo Roberts.
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Bo is a Los Angeles-based male model and actor who’s taken to Periscope to give us a glimpse of what it’s like to live everyday as a total dreamboat. Catch him as he drinks his morning coffee or takes a hike on Laurel Canyon — all while shirtless wearing nothing but skimpy sports shorts mind you.

The DNA magazine cover boy has also been featured on the GQ, Men’t Health and Cosmopolitan. The”chances-are-he’s-shirtless” Periscoper has recently transitioned into acting as well, appearing in the film 300 as a shirtless Spartan warrior and on TV in an episode of The Mindy Project playing the “hot guy.”

But if you want to get a more intimate peak at Bo’s life (like watching him right after he steps out of the shower), then Periscope is the place to go. He’s got almost 4 million hearts, so we’re not the only ones drooling over his live-streams. You can follow him there by searching for the user “mrboroberts.” He’s also got a Twitter and Instagram, but he’s not nearly as… exposed.


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