Go Beyond Burning Man to Amsterdam’s Desert Art Camp for Space Cadets

Burning Man tickets were nearly impossible to get during this year’s lottery. Trust me, we tried. Afterwards we were so disheartened by the entire experience, we said, “fuck this shit, there’s gotta be another cool, space-y arts festival that’s not like moths to a flame for douchebags!” And I think we may have just found it.
Urban Campsite Amsterdam is a desert camp that’ll give all you space cadets out there the trippy sensation that you’ve landed on another planet. Urban Campsite is made up of several inhabitable art installations that spring up every summer in the desert island of Centrumeiland in Amsterdam, offering travelers the ultimate “art-sleep-experience.”

One of the installations is tent underneath a trampoline, while another is inspired by a “survival capsule” for the end of days. Sleeping inside one of these things cost 85 euros a night and most accommodate two to three people. If you want to explore this otherworldly campsite, you can book your stay in one of these fascinating art installations via Airbnb until August 31.

Even though it looks like UrbanCampsite is nestled deep in a desert in the middle of nowhere, it’s actually set up right inside Amsterdam, just a 30 minute train ride from Stationsplein in the city center. Centrumeiland is one of the manmade islands on IJ lake, built with the intention to create more real estate in Amsterdam for homes, schools and businesses. Unfortunately the development was only halfway completed when the investment funds dried up. So now there is an uninhabited sandy getaway for artists, architects, designers, visionaries and, yes, space cadets to set up camp every summer.

So if you’re still yearning for that Burning Man camping experience — complete with enlightening workshops, campfire discussions and mind-blowing performances — perhaps it’s time to take the road less traveled by and book a flight to Europe. At the very least it’s bound to be more spontaneous than Burning Man and a lot less mainstream.

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