Now You Can Smell Like a Steamy Romance Novel Set in Paris, London or L.A.

Your signature scent should have a story. Should it have an entire novel? Three new fragrances promise to entice your sense of smell, as well as your imagination.
Anthropogie’s Fictions fragrance collection features perfumes inspired by make-believe romance novels set in different cities: Paris, London and Los Angeles. The cases were designed by local artists from each city to look like juicy book covers, and the inside jacket includes a passionate love story to set the scene/mood.07-fictions-anthropologie.w529.h352.2xAll three eau de parfums capture the essence of falling in love but they each have a unique scent inspired by the love story set in each city.

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She Knew He Was Forever (London): magnolia on the breeze, green tea for two, walking hand in hand
She Met Him in Secret (Paris): shaded violet leaves, hints of leather, the promise of a stolen kiss
She Called But He Was Unreachable (L.A.): the hopeful rush of bergamot, the bittersweet tang of linden36346435_045_b10Featured ImagePinterest

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