Chances Are Your Most Frequent Bed Partner Is Your Lovely Smartphone

If you are a proud smartphone owner, then chances are you rarely sleep in bed alone. According to a recent study, most of us have a tendency to sleep right next to our smartphone. Talk about strange bedfellows.
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The study researched our sleeping habits in relation to our mobile devices and found that over 70 percent of American smartphone users regularly go to sleep while their phones on the bed right next to them. And we can confirm. Personally, we prefer to keep our iPhone tucked neatly underneath the pillow all throughout the night.tumblr_nrwl8mvahm1tehpyko1_500Furthermore, the study found that 23 percent of us have fallen asleep with our smartphones still in our hand. The figure jumps up if you’re a millennial: 44 percent claim to have fallen sleep holding on to their devices. Turns out separation anxiety can be a real issue for smartphone lovers. And they do say that direct contact can foster intimacy in a relationship, so we can’t think of a better way to strengthen our special bond with our devices.a328bb0fd2d40696ca01bf4b4c3ce16fBy the time morning comes, 36 percent of us wake up thinking about our smartphone. Now that’s commitment, especially compared to just the 17 percent who wake up thinking about coffee or the 10 percent who wake up thinking about their significant other. The study did not conduct research on how often we actually dreams about our smartphone, however, but we guess our subconscious is equally enthralled by our devices.tumblr_nrs1q5Z6tz1stss1eo1_500In addition the study found that young people, ages 18 to 24, have a stronger dependency on their smartphone. Most millennials claim they check their phone constantly, with 36 percent checking it at least once every hour.

Considering how often we sleep with, think about and check our smartphones, we might have to broaden our definition of a significant other. It’s no wonder that condom maker Durex had to leverage smartphone technology to boost our sex lives: the off button.

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  • I have been told that it is unsafe to leave your smartphone on your bed overnight because it could overheat and cause a fire.

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