Meet Justin & Nick: Instagram’s Sexiest Gay Couple

Justin and Nick are just your typical live-in gay couple: They help each other do chores around the house and spend weekends playing video games together. Yep, nothing out of the ordinary here, except — Justin and Nick are fine as fuck.
Together this Pittsburg gay couple has been using a joint account on Instagram as their personal love scrapbook, and we’ve been lucky enough to get an intimate glimpse at their cute and sexy everyday moments.

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When they are not posing shirtless in the comfort of their own home, Justin, a former graduate student, and Nick, a former gymnast, can be found cuddling, working out and spending time with their seemingly numerous pets. And that’s not all! They have also magically learned to take photos of themselves while in deep sleep.

But it’s not always easy being Instagram’s sexiest boys du jour. Justin and Nick talked to NewNowNext about how having over 160,000 thirsty Instagram followers can lead to some pretty uncomfortable situations.

“We’ve been asked by this one fellow probably 80 times if he could come down to Pittsburgh from somewhere in Canada and have a threesome with us. Or watch while we have sex. It’s been a whole bunch of stuff along that line. We were also asked if we would be willing to swing with another couple. We told him we were monogamous and he asked if that meant we could still have sex with a third person,” Justin told NNN.

We may never be able to get these guys to have an orgy with us, but at least we’ll always have their Instagrams. Grab a seat napkin and let’s have a look.


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