Comic Con’s Sexiest Cosplay Super Hunks Sweep Us Off Our Feet

If you have a thing for superheroes, you might want to go fetch a wet towel: gay geek Christmas is here!
The city of San Diego is currently being overtaken by an army of sexy superheroes in the flesh at the annual Comic Con, the biggest nerdgasm-inducing event in the world. Studly cosplayers have traveled far and wide to show off their skin-tight outfits and their geeky appreciation for their favorite characters.

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But it’s not just Marvel and DC comic book superheroes that are currently gathering at the San Diego Convention Center. Comic Con has evolved to become a playground for all movie, TV and video game fandoms — The Hunger Games, Teen Wolf, Pokemon and Game of Thrones are all represented — as well as for the Hollywood executives salivating over potential box office receipts and next quarter bonuses.

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We’ll save our drool for the shirtless hunks with a vivid imagination, sweeping us off our feet at Comic Con 2015.

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