New dripthat App Lets You Relive Your Most Exciting Travel Moments

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Did you go crazy taking photos and videos during your last vacation and now you’re not too sure how to best share them with your friends? Here’s a new easy way to collect and share our exciting travel adventures around the world.

Dripthat is a new app for the iPhone that lets you “drip” photos and videos together into engaging collections that you can make public or just share privately with a few select close friends. If you went on a trip with a group of friends, you can even ask them to contribute their “drips” to complete your travel story arc.

You can even control when to “drip” this content on the app so that your followers don’t get overwhelmed with envy after seeing your exotic vacation photos and videos all at once. Schedule the “drips” so that new photos and videos get added to your slideshow collection slowly over time. A badge notification pops up above a user’s profile photo every time a new photo or 10-second video is added to the “drip.

If you’re going on a roadtrip or a long vacation, this is a great way to keep your friends updated on your latest adventures — whether that’s hiking in desolate part of the Yosemite wilderness or riding elephants through Thailand’s Four Seasons tented camp.

You can download the just-launched iPhone app today to start playing with your photos and videos from your last vacation and create original mashups and engaging stories. For a little inspiration, follow my dripthat profile here to view my travel-themed drips:

Hiking in Chewing Gum Lake in California (view on dripthat)IMG_1057

Riding elephants in Thailand’s tented camp (view on dripthat)


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