New Dripthat App Lets You Capture the Thrill of Live Music

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52b63fbe-fa7c-11e4-bfd4-22000afd2dc7If you’re anything like me, your iPhone is probably filled with tons of cool photos and videos from your favorite concerts. Well now there’s an app that was built to help us collect and share those exciting moments in easy-to-view slideshows.

Dripthat is a new app for the iPhone that lets you “drip” photos and short videos together into engaging collections that you can share with the world or just a few select close friends. You can even ask other dripthat users to contribute their “drips” to complete your story arc.

If you have a lot of photos or video from a music festival, you can even control the schedule of when to “drip” this content so that your followers don’t get overwhelmed by viewing your entire slideshow collections all at once. A badge notification pops up above a user’s profile photo every time a new photo or 10-second video is added to the “drip.”

You set when and who views your stories, and can even schedule “drips” weeks ahead of time. This is a great feature for when you’re taking photos and videos at nonstop events like Coachella or South By Southwest. Or when you’re on a 24-hour live tour with The Flaming Lips.

You can download the just-launched iPhone app today to start playing with your photos and videos from your favorite live show and create original mashups and engaging stories. For a little inspiration, follow my dripthat profile here to view my music-themed drips:

SXSW with Twin Shadow, Iggy Azalea, Tove Lo, Phantogram and Snoop Dogg (view on dripthat)IMG_0524

MTV tour with The Flaming Lips (view on dripthat)IMG_4934

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