In Awe Over California’s Stunning Glass Pavilion Dream Home

For being considered “the most minimalist house ever designed,” the Glass Pavilion is sure straight-up design porn.
Located in California’s ritzy town of Montecito near Santa Barbara, the Glass Pavilion was built in 2010 by architect Steve Hermann, who also worked to design Christina Aguilera’s mansion.

Every room in the Glass Pavilion has floor to ceiling windows, blurring the indoor/outdoor to create a generous view of the greenery all around the property. The house also has an art gallery and a spacious garage to show off your expensive vintage car collection.

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When Harmann decided to sell his dream home, it was originally listed at $35 million, but that did not include the furniture, artwork and car collection, so the price was cut down and the Glass Pavilion eventually sold for the bargain price of $24 million.

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