Hey, Bro! Here’s How You Do Real ‘Broga’

There’s a new trend for guys who are into doing the downward dog: yoga for bros, or “broga.”
People magazine wrote about the dude-friendly yoga technique last week, detailing how apparently bros are intimidated by walking into a room full of women in tight active wear. Instead, bros are more comfortable doing yoga stretches next to other manly, sweaty dudes and listening to the Black Keys. Okay. Sure.

Taking the silly-ass concept to the next level, San Francisco-based photographer Hannah Rothstein has created a handy visual guide to a far more realistic version of “broga,” which include such bro-tastic poses as Manschild Pose, the Kegstand, the Weekend Warrior, the Beer Pong Lunge and Shitfaceasana or Corpse Pose. Xbox and six pack of beer not included.

Check out the photos from this broga demo that took place at South Pacific Brewery, of course, and don’t forget to bliss the fuck out, bro.


Images: Hannah Rothstein

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