10 Reasons You Were Meant To Date Your Lyft or Uber Driver

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In major cities, car-hailing apps like Uber, Lyft and SideCar are quickly becoming the most reliable form of transportation. With their ubiquity also comes the possibility of a missed connection: getting a ride from a guy who for some reason ends up making you feel butterflies in your stomach.

These connections don’t often last any longer than it takes to get from one side of town to the other, but what if they could lead to something special and long-lasting? One Lyft driver in San Francisco ended up giving a New Year’s Kiss to one of her passengers (a fellow Lyft driver) and nine months later they got engaged.

So next time you take a Lyft and find yourself wondering if the driver is single, fasten to your seatbelt and get ready to go on the dating fast track. It’s possible that you were meant to give this guy the green light and go out on a date.

1. There is not such thing as coincidence

There’s a reason why car-hailing rides have become one of the most popular scenarios in Craigslist missed connections. Think about it: out of all the people using the apps, what are the chances that you got on there just in time to score the sexy driver?

2. You have his number for a reason

These car-hailing apps let you get in touch directly with your scheduled driver to plan your exact pick up location, but it also could be so you can text them later and ask them if they have a girlfriend. Which seems more likely?

3. He looks sexy when he drives

If this guy is not potentially the one, then what’s the point of seeing him effortlessly maneuvering a steering wheel and with that focused look in his eyes?

4. He knows his way around

Unless he just started driving for one of these apps, your driver is good with directions. Or at the very least, he’ll actually listen to you when it comes to navigating the city.

5. He can afford to be spontaneous

Uber, Lyft, and SideCar drivers have a very flexible work schedule, perfect for when you decide to use your remaining “sick” for the two of you to go on a spontaneous getaway.

6. He doesn’t give up

When the economy got tough and he couldn’t find a job, this guy didn’t just sit on his couch and wait for an opportunity to arise. No, he was proactive and resourceful. He embraced the new sharing economy and used his car to earn some extra cash.

7. He’s already been vetted

Last year, after a few sketchy situations, Uber implemented tougher criminal background checks on all its drivers. The company claims that these background checks are more strict than what is required for California limo and taxi drivers.

8. You can be yourself

Just think of your next Lyft ride as glorified speed dating. You can share as much personal information as possible in a short amount of time. Studies have shown that honest communication is the basis for any relationship. And if it doesn’t go well, then you don’t have to see that guy ever again. Remember reason #1? What are the chances he’ll pick you up again.

9. He won’t ever judge you

Your Uber driver has seen it all giving drunken people rides on Friday and Saturday nights, so he won’t judge you when you have one too many cocktails and need a sober ride. In fact, he’ll be your knight in a shining Prius.

10. There’s no rule against it

So you’ve made your decision: you want to date your Uber driver. Who’s going to stop you, boo? These services are so unregulated for a reason.

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