How Rihanna Became the Least Controversial Celeb Ever

Rihanna made her triumphant return to Instagram just in time to document her getting super high at Coachella.
The pop singer and proverbial party girl got in a little bit of trouble earlier this month after one of her “friends” posted a video on Instagram of what seemed like Rihanna snorting cocaine at the California desert music festival.

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Rihanna, the original unapologetic bitch, quickly shot down the allegations. She responded and clarified that she was not snorting cocaine in the Instagram video, but rather stuffing a joint. Rihanna also recently joined Snapchat, where a a majority of her snaps depict the stunning singer freely smoking blunts — whether she’s chillaxing in a hotel room somewhere or taking a break from a fancy photoshoot.

To say that Rihanna is 420-friendly would be an understatement. She even released a weed-inspired jam just in time to celebrate the unofficial stoner holiday on April 20. Not only is her weed use accepted without much uproar, but it gives the singer a sort of street cred as pop’s biggest badass to be able to pull off songs like her most recent single, “Bitch Better Have My Money.”

Around the same time that Rihanna was sharing videos of herself getting high, partying nonstop at Coachella and flashing her nipples, she was also the voice on an animated kids’ movie, Home, and actively promoting it on her social channels. She even posted a photo of one of Home‘s silly creatures having a glass of red wine after a long day of press interviews.

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In a time when parents are fucking psycho about celebrities being role models (because they’re too lazy to set parental controls or monitor their kids’ Internet use), it’s incredible that someone as “provocative” as Rihanna has been chosen to be a spokesperson for a children’s movie. Because she’s so open about her drinking, smoking and partying, her good-girl-gone-bad behavior has become a non-issue. So paparazzi caught her taking a bong hit? Boring. We’ve already seen so much more on her Instagram. She was kicked off the photo-sharing app for a hot second, remember?

If Rihanna had tried to hide her fun-loving ways and her undying love for Mary Jane, she might have been hounded until . As of now, there is nothing even remotely controversial about Rihanna because everything that we could possibly pin on her, she’s already wearing loud and proud.

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