This App Will Tell You If Your Company Is Sexist

Last year Whitney Wolfe, Tinder’s former VP of marketing, filed a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit against her Tinder co-founders. Wolfe claimed her male counterparts belittled her role in the company, denied her of the title of “co-founder” and finally fired her after she raised her concerns. Oh, they also called her a “whore” and a “gold digger.”

The Tinder lawsuit was settled in November, but there are still resounding echoes of sexism and discrimination in Silicon Valley tech startups. The Uber CEO Travis Kalanick actually used the word “boob-er” to describe his dating life, and Ellen Pao has just lost a gender discrimination lawsuit against her previous employer, a powerful and prestigious tech investment firm.

Thankfully a new app called InHerSight is here to help women find a female-friendly workplace and spot whether a specific company is sexist.

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InHerSight works as a platform where women can anonymously report sexist company policies and work environments. The information can be used by prospective employees to gauge potential issues in the workplace — whether it’d be outright sexual harassment, unequal pay or being “mommy tracked.” The reviews are public, so employers can be held accountable and use the InHerSight feedback to help their company lure more female talent.

“With this new transparency, women can use the website to make decisions about what companies they want to work for,” InHerSight founder Ursula Mead told Fast Company. “And the data we’re collecting can help companies create roadmaps to make themselves more attractive to women and to retain the women who already work for them.”

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