Is Sexting Good or Bad For Your Relationship?

Can sexting boost our relationship or are sexts just a superficial way of avoiding real-life intimacy? Turns out there is a study to support both of these dating theories.
At first glance, it’s almost too obvious that sexting can be used to spice up our love lives, with naughty messages and sexy pics that get our imaginations all riled up and ready for steamy bedroom scenes. In a recent study conducted by sex toy shop Adam and Eve, 48 percent of women and 45 percent of men confessed to sexting their significant other. Out of those committed sexting buddies, a whopping 56 percent admitted that sexting had worked wonders for their sex lives and gave a much-needed boost to their relationship.

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“Sexting can be a fun, flirty way to keep the passion alive, as well as a great way to tease your partner — to pique his or her interest until you can physically be together,” according to sexpert Dr. Kat Van Kirk. Fair enough…But don’t go running to the bathroom to fill up your camera roll with dick pics just yet! Another study has found that a lot of sexting can actually indicate that you’re in a crappy relationship. Say what?That’s right. According to a Science of Relationships report, people who sext a lot are more likely to be in shittier relationships that people who don’t sext as much. Researchers have found that relying too heavily on sexting can be a sign indicating fear of real intimacy. Sexting is seen as a socially-acceptable way to disguise being afraid of intimacy with naughty messages and dirty pics.

This all just goes to show that studies can sometimes be misleading, or downright conflicting. So don’t take something to heart just because you read it in a social science journal. Do what feels right for you and your partner. Every relationship is different and sexting can play different roles. A safe bet is to don’t go crazy sexting your man until you’ve reached a certain comfort level in your relationship and trust him not to post the photos all over the Internet.

And if you’re just not that good at sexting to begin with, then save yourself the awkwardness altogether.

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